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Elder Horrocks will be serving in the Mexico, Veracrus mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Goodbye Tlacojaplan... I barely knew you!


Well, I just talked with you guys yesterday and we talked about pretty much everything that´s been going on around here lately. I guess there´s a little I can add about what we did after writing you.

We got done, closed up the church and went to give back the laptop we were using. By the time all four missionaries got done it was about 9pm. That was too late for us to head back to Tlacojalpan, so we stayed the night in Carrillo. The annoying thing was we didn´t bring any extra change of clothes or anything so we couldn´t shower or anything.

As we left the church we heard a ton of music coming from the main road. We went to investigate and found out that there was Carnival last night. Now this isn´t like a carnival from the States. It´s like a huge party in the street with lots of dancing and lot´s of alcohol. It was some sort of parade thing with a bunch of floats heading towards the center of town. Instead of girls dressed up in dresses waving at the crowd, there were girls dressed in skimpy outfits dancing to the music. That was an interesting sight. We had to pass by it to give the computer back and we just tried to keep our heads down. We still got a few cat calls after us though. Well, now I know what Mexican carnival is like.

I´ll be packing up the few things I took out of my suitcases today and we´ll be heading to Tuxtepec tonight so that we can arrive in Veracruz early in the morning. There I´ll meet up with my new companion and we´ll go to my new area. That´s the plan as far as I know.

I´m not really sure what else to write. I just want to tell you guys what a joy it was to see and talk with you all again. I can´t wait until we can all sit down and chat together in person when I get home. As much as I miss you guys, I know I´m where the Lord wants me to be. This Church is true and nothing can take that knowledge from me. 

I love you guys tons and hope everything´s going well. (It seemed like it was, but you never know). Stay safe and do your best to draw closer to the Lord. If you search for Him, you´ll find Him. :) Until next week!

Elder Sean Kyle Horrocks

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