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Elder Horrocks will be serving in the Mexico, Veracrus mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another day, another investigator

Hello again!

This week we found quite a few more investigators which is awesome! Some of them have certain challenges that they need to overcome (family members mostly), but I know that we've found some future members of the church.

The only interesting thing that happened this week was splits. I went to Tuxtepec with one of my zone leaders, Elder Farnsworth, while his companion, Elder Jones, came to Carrillo. It was fun because Elder Farnsworth is super cool, plus he taught me a lot while we were together.
Kayla - I'm glad everything's good with the baby now. Let me know and send pictures as soon as the baby arrives! I gotta get to know my new nephew at least a little! We're having transfers the 2nd of April, but we won't know where until the Saturday before. This week was actually too dang hot, but we had another Norte blow in yesterday afternoon to cool things off. It's a real blessing for me down here! :P I haven't received my package yet, but Mom tells me it has arrived so we'll see when I actually get it.  I love you Sis and can't wait to catch up with you. Just another year and a quarter! I'll be home before you know it. Love you Sis!

Mom - Wooo! You had a lot of questions this week! I haven't been able to send to many pictures because the internet cafes around here aren't too good for uploading them unfortunately. Also, I haven't exactly been taking too many... I'll try to be better about that. My garments are doing fine so far. If I need more from home I'll let you know, but I should be able to get some at the temple sometime. I know we're getting more missionaries, but I don't know who they are at all. We should be getting more and more as time goes on. We did get a new cellphone a few weeks ago. We get to write the President every week when we write to the family. That's about all the communication we get with him. Like I told Kayla, we've got transfers in about a week. I'll let you know what happens when I know. As for my diet and excercise... to be honest, I've been pretty lazy. I'm not fat, but I'm getting quite a bit of pudge. It's just rough for me because normally it was my sports that kept me healthy. I don't really like exercising without weights just for the sake of exercising. I'll try to be better though. My calfs are huge from all the walking at least. Lol. The people are still very nice. As of now I don't really need anything. My package is probably in Veracruz right now because it's not here. I haven't had any weird food actually. Shocking I know. We still get all our water from the jugs. Don't worry, that's all the people drink around here so there shouldn't be a problem with water. I'm glad the family is still reading together. Once you get past these next smaller books (Omni, Words of Mormon) the really good stuff starts. Keep it up! Thanks for your detailed e-mails Mom. I love hearing your perspective on things. I love you as always. :) Try not to worry too much. Love you tons!

Dad - Thanks for the advice Dad. Don't worry, the parable of the apple tree made a lot of sense. :) I really appreciate your counsel. That's one of the things I really miss, is talking with you. I look forward to doing it again when I get home. I'm still caring my MTC books, but I still use some of them now and then so don't worry. I'm figuring out how to pack more and more efficiently so it shouldn't be a problem. Like I told Mom, I don't really need anything in particular right now and I still haven't received my package. We should be able to watch General Conference and I'm super excited for it. Especially since I'll be able to understand it even if it's in Spanish! As for recent fun, the splits with my zone leader was way nice. I'm pretty used to my companion by now, but it's still nice to have a break from him now and then. Plus, Elder Fansworth and I just get along really well. I think that's about it. I love and miss you Dad. Keep moving forward in the gospel! "You're either growing or you're dying; there ain't no third direction!" (What's that from huh?;)) Talk to you again next week. Tell Grandpa I said hi! Love you!

I just want to let you all know what a blessing the mission really is. It hasn't exactly been what I expected and I've had a lot of trials, but it's all been worth it. I hope that Max and Kaz are preparing now to serve their own missions. Even if you're not sure, pray and prepare now. I promise that you won't regret it. This church is true and nothing can take that knowledge from me.

I love you all with all my heart. Follow through with your promises to the Lord and he'll keep his promises with you. I know that the Gospel brings the most happiness we can receive in this life.

With all my love,
Elder Sean Horrocks

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