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Elder Horrocks will be serving in the Mexico, Veracrus mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Are you ready for round 2?

Hola otra vez!

Where to start this week... First off, it was a bit of a rough week for baptisms. My entire zone blanked. That is, not a single companionship had a baptism in my zone this week. Ouch... We were all ready for Calixto's baptism and at the last minute he got called in to work. That was frustrating. I may have wanted to punch his boss, but it's a good thing I don't know the guy. :) So yeah, we're going to try to get Calixto baptized this Friday along with an 8 year old member and two other investigators. To tell the truth, all three of them are super ready, but the other two both are a little nervous about the baptism. We asked them to pray about it yesterday so hopefully their doubts will be swept away. It kind of surprised me, but it's actually fairly difficult to get people to ask God. You'd think that it's a basic thing for most people. I mean, He's all-knowing and never lies so why not ask him? There are some people that just don't get it though. It's interesting...

We had an interesting lesson with some really really devout Catholics. We were trying to teach the Restoration, but they kept jumping from subject to subject. That's pretty common around here. We read from the Bible at one point and they took like 10 minutes telling us house sacred the Bible is and that we should stand when we read it and that we need to pray before we read out loud and how we need to end saying "The word of God". Honestly it was pretty odd because we've talked with plenty of Catholics and none have said anything like that before. Well, you learn new things every day I suppose. :P

There isn't too much else to tell. We've been spending most of the week making sure that our investigators are ready for baptism because we have a bautimision this week. That means that we have a goal as a mission that every companionship baptized this week. We've got three people set up for this date that are all pretty sure so I think it would be a miracle for us not to baptize this week.

As for the transfers... I'll be here for another six weeks... with Elder Wheeler...  I know that the transfers are inspired revelation.  Anyways, Round 2!

Dad - I honestly have no idea when I'll become a senior companion. I'd imagine that it'll be the next transfer where I get a new companion, but who knows? There's no set time. Some people start training once they're done being trained and others are junior companions for a long time. Personally, I think I'd like it. Generally, I think that when I have more responsibility placed upon me I rise up to it. I think I do better when I can have a little more control as well. However, I know that I'm where I'm supposed to be. Like I said, I probably still have something to learn from Elder Wheeler. The weather is hot because this area is generally a bit hotter, plus the weather normally warms up this time of year. I'm adjusted fairly well, but that doesn't mean I like it. :P The heat still takes it out of me, but I'm coping. :) The area is really good actually. I'd say it's better than my last area, but it's also a challenge. It's hard to get the members to do missionary work. They're all willing to help, but only when we directly ask them to. They don't really do anything on their own. That's what we're trying to fix. We're still fed and treated well. Sometime we're fed too well. I've stopped eating dinner at night because I feel like I've picked up too much weight. The tortillas in Mexico are really fattening and they eat them with every meal so I need to lay off those as well. I think that if I watch what I eat more, I'll be okay. :)  Thanks for all the details about how the family is doing and about Dily. I love hearing about what she does lately. The jumping thing put a big goofy grin on my face. :) "not even a crack of light between her feet and the floor." Classic. :) It's cool that you've got a good calling too. I know you probably wanted a rest, but callings are a good opportunity to learn something. I think that's usually how the callings work. The Lord calls you, then He qualifies you or you could say He teaches you something. Plus it's Elders Quorum, they don't expect much. :P Thanks for the e-mails and for keeping me filled in. Send Grandpa my love and keep plenty for yourself as well. :)

I won't lie, I've faced quite a few personal challenges here on the mission, but I don't think I'd trade it for anything. I've learned so much it's incredible. One of my main challenges right now is that I really want to apply what I've learned at home. I hope that the little tidbits here and there help you guys. This Church is so true that I don't know how people can't accept it right away. I may have mentioned this last week, but it's like God gives us a million reasons to believe and only a few not to, just to see if we truly want to believe. Faith is the first step to everything. If you're struggling with something, faith is the answer. Have faith that our Heavenly Father loves you. Have faith that Christ atoned for all our sins. Have faith that no matter what happened in the past, you can repent and be free from those burdens. I know this Church is true, otherwise I wouldn't still be here. Count your blessings and look for the Lord's hand in your life.

I love you all and pray for you every night. Keep true to the Gospel and the Lord. Remember that life is a journey not a destination. Spend time with the family and don't forget to show them your love.

Elder Sean Horrocks


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