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Elder Horrocks will be serving in the Mexico, Veracrus mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Hey! Listen!

This week was fun but a little rough at the same time. It was cool to spend Christmas here in Mexico because I got to see how it's celebrated over here. Unfortunately, the majority of the population just use it as an excuse to get drunk and eat more than usual. Of course, people do that in the States too, but not so much in Utah anyways! Nobody really wanted to let us in to talk on Christmas so we just asked if we could sing a Christmas hymn then left. It was kinda nice because I like to sing. On Christmas Eve we got to eat with a family in the ward and it was a ton of food! They made BBQ and lasagna and some other kind of meat (similar to BBQ) and spaghetti verde. It was all delicious and for the drink we got 7-Up with grenadine in it! Before the dinner we had a bit of a family home evening with them. That was a lot of fun too. Overall, it was a super nice evening. The week was a little rough, though, because we didn't find many new people to teach. Also, a lot of our investigators weren't around to teach because they left for vacations. It was just a slow week so I'm kinda glad the holidays are coming to a close so we can start finding people again. Sorry there's not much to tell about this week, but honestly not much happened. Yesterday was interesting though... we got yelled at by three different people within the same half hour. That's pretty nuts because we rarely get yelled at. First, a random guy on the other side of the street started yelling swear words at us in English for no apparent reason. Then a guy yelled at us when we knocked on his door. He yelled "No queremos nada!" which means "We don't want anything!". After that, a group of teenagers saw me trip and started making fun of me and called me Satan. All these things were a little discouraging at first. I kept thinking "Why are these people so mad at us for trying to preach about God and his Son?" However, I know that there's opposition in all things. If there weren't, we wouldn't appreciate the good things in life. Afterwards, I actually felt good that they had all yelled at us. I've learned that when we suffer a little in the mission, we are standing shoulder to shoulder with Christ. What he did for us was much harder. To quote Jeffery R. Holland, the mission is hard sometimes because "Salvation was never easy." I know that what I'm doing here is exactly what the Lord wants me to do. I may be rejected by the people, but the Lord wants them to be warned. He wants them to return to Him just as much as he wants you or me to.

Well enough rambling. I'll get to answering questions for now.
Mom: We haven't received too many new missionaries that I'm aware of. I'm thinking that a lot of them will start flocking in around the next two months due to time in the MTC, but who knows? The mosquitoes aren't a problem right now. I just had one night where we didn't have electricity and the windows were open. I got bitten about fifty times that night, but I haven't gotten bitten at all this week so far. If I end up wanting a net I'll let you know. :) I enjoyed the missionary letters you sent me, but I still haven't read through them all yet. I skimmed through a couple when I first got them, but I haven't had time to read too many. It's nice to know what's going on with the other elders though. Thanks for sending them! I think my favorite gift that you sent me was the little picture display keychain with the pictures on it. I've been looking at that almost every night before I got to bed. It makes me smile and look forward to seeing you all again. :) Oh, and don't worry about the Skype, it didn't make me too homesick or anything. Of course I miss you all, but I know that I need to be here. As for requests in my next package... I really want the General Conference talks from October in English. If you can send me an Ensign or something with them I'd really appreciate it.  Love you Mom! :D

Dad: I pretty much explained above how my week went and my recent experiences. Other than that things have been fairly slow. Christmas was pretty much a work day. The only thing that was different was that we basically carolled all day long. It was pretty fun though. We are going to have transfers next Tuesday and we should know what's going on by Saturday. As of now, I don't know if I'm staying or going. I might stay with E. Westhoff or I might leave or we both might leave. I have no idea. As far as friends in the mission go, I met an Elder from Springville, Utah named Elder Shreiner. He's the tallest Elder in the mission (all my friends seem to be taller than me) and he's pretty nutty. He was one of the elders I was living with for about three weeks so we got to know each other pretty darn well. He's a funny guy and we're making plans to meet up sometime after the mission. I hope I answered all your questions. Love you tons Dad!

I just want to testify that this church is true. God really does call prophets in these latter days to guide all of us to the Celestial Kingdom. I know that Thomas S. Monson is called of God to guide this church. Above all, I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I love you all and hope you're all doing well! Enjoy the holiday break! Love you all!

Elder Sean Horrocks

Elder Horrocks and Elder Westhoff Christmas 2012 

District.  Mission President is on the right

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